Different Ways To Cook Eggs – Have Some Fun!

There are so many different for ways to cook eggs. They are an extremely versatile food – not only can you use them for baking, but they are also a terrific breakfast food and can be used in a myriad of other meals. Here are some of the many different ways to cook eggs:

Fried Eggs:  A fried egg can be cooked in different ways – over-hard, over-medium and over-easy. Different Ways To Cook Eggs

Over-hard: With the burner set to medium-high heat, melt butter so it coats the pan or coat it lightly with olive oil. Crack the egg and ensure you break the yolk with your spatula. Continue cooking until yolk and whites are opaque.

Over-medium: With burner set to high heat, melt butter so it coats the pan. Crack the egg, cover the pan, and reduce heat to low. Once the whites have set, flip the egg over.  Cook egg for no more than a minute on that side.

Over-easy:  With burner set to medium heat, melt butter so it coats the pan. Crack egg into the frying pan and wait for edges of the whites to solidify. Flip egg once edges are solid. Flip again and count to 10.

Scrambled Eggs: This is probably the easiest type of eggs to make. Heat a small amount of butter until meltedDifferent Ways To Cook Eggs and the pan is coated. Crack the egg into a bowl, whisk together with a small amount of milk and pour into pan on medium heat. As the mixture begins to solidify, use a spatula to mix the eggs until fully cooked.

Hard Boiled Eggs: Put eggs (as many as you like) in a pot in a single layer. Cover the eggs in cold water. Heat water to boiling and then immediately remove from heat and cover pot allowing it to sit for 12 minutes. 

Soft Boiled Eggs: Place eggs in small pot and cover with water. Boil water, then immediately reduce heat to low and let simmer. Simmer for 2 minutes for a very soft yolk and egg white.

Poached Eggs: Bring 3-4 inches of water to a boil in large saucepan. Add one tablespoon of vinegar to the water. Reduce heat and bring water to a simmer. Create a whirlpool motion by swirling the water with a spoon. Crack one egg into a ladle and lower the egg into the water gently. Move egg around to prevent it from spreading in the water. Remove egg after 2-3 minutes with a slotted spoon.

Omelet: Heat butter in a small pan over medium heat until pan is coated. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl and whiskDifferent Ways To Cook Eggs together with a small amount of milk. Pour egg mixture into pan. Once it begins to solidify, sprinkle your favorite cheese and any other herbs or spices on one half of the egg mixture. Once egg has solidified, use spatula to flip the non-cheese side onto the cheese side (creating a half-moon shape.) Omelet is finished once cheese is melted and no more liquid remains.

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