Berkley’s Pre-Order Menu

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By pre-ordering we can prioritise your order and have your group’s meals freshly made and served soon after your group arrives. All effort is made to accommodate this service, however we cannot guarantee a specific time depending on the kitchen’s workload.

Please be aware “Time of Meals” is the time the meals will be on your table – we ask that you arrive at least five minutes before this time, so that our friendly staff can take your beverage orders and your group can relax before your meals are brought to the table.

Orders and final numbers are required to be submitted by 10.00am for lunch on the date of the booking. Advance bookings are also welcome.

This pre-order confirms the minimum amount you will be charged. Changes cannot be made to your order after 10 am on the day of your booking. One account per booking.


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  • Price: $ 15.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $ 17.50 Quantity:
    200 g Rump Streak, petite salad, red wine jus & chips

  • Price: $ 11.50 Quantity:
    house baked garlic & rosemary pizza bread (V) (GF ADD 2.5)
  • Price: $ 19.50 Quantity:
    ginger, lime & coriander dipping sauce
  • Price: $ 10.50 Quantity:
    Sour cream & sweet chili sauce (V)
  • Price: $ 14.50 Quantity:
    2 house made dips, marinated olives, warm toasted bread (V) (GF add 2.5)
  • Price: $ 14.50 Quantity:
    house made from fresh seasonal produce w/- crusty bread roll (GFO)
  • Price: $ 9.90 Quantity:
    w/- garlic aioli (GF) (V)

  • Price: $ 15.00 Quantity:
    napolitana sauce, fresh basil (V)
  • Price: $ 18.50 Quantity:
    bacon, salami, spanish onion, capsicum, olives, baby spinach
  • Price: $ 18.50 Quantity:
    Italian herb roasted pumpkin, spanish onion, baby spinach, feta cheese (V)
  • Price: $ 19.50 Quantity:
    Marinated chicken, red onion, spinach, cashews
  • Price: $ 2.50 Quantity:
  • Price: $ 16.50 Quantity:
    Roasted baby beetroot, baby spinach, salad onion, cucumber, Goat's Cheese, Toasted almond flakes, mustard vinaigrette, (GF) (V)
  • Price: $ 5.00 Quantity:
    Char Grilled Chicken Breast Portion
  • Price: $ 17.50 Quantity:
    Warmed tortilla, grilled chicken, crispy bacon, cheese, mixed lettuce, tomato, spicy chipotle sauce, chips, aioli
  • Price: $ 16.50 Quantity:
    wilted baby spinach, Napolitana sauce, shaved Parmesan (V)
  • Price: $ 19.50 Quantity:
    Beef pattie, bacon, cheese, tomato chutney, mesclun, aioli, chips
  • Price: $ 18.50 Quantity:
    Grilled Rump Steak slices, caramelised onion, mesclun, tomato, tasty cheese, aioli, beetroot & mint relish, chips (GFO)
  • Price: $ 20.50 Quantity:
    Petite garden salad, chips, aioli & lemon wedge
  • Price: $ 39.50 Quantity:
    Char grilled Rib fillet, roasted chat potato, steamed greens, red wine jus (GF)
  • Price: $ 0.75 Quantity:
    Aioli, Tomato, BBQ, Mustard's, Red Wine Jus, Spicy Chipotle

  • Price: $ 12.00 Quantity:
    w/-mixed berry compote
  • Price: $ 12.00 Quantity:
    served warm w/- creamy vanilla ice cream
  • Price: $ 12.00 Quantity:
    House made set cheesecake & complimentary sauce
  • Price: $ 7.50 Quantity:
    Espresso shot, creamy vanilla ice-cream, choc wafer
  • Price: $ 14.50 Quantity:
    4 hand crafted petite four. Great to share!
  • Price: $ 16.90 Quantity:
    Brie, Blue, Quince paste, water crackers

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