I, For One, Welcome Our Tiny Overlords

You know what’s fun? Nanobots. Tiny little robots that’ll either solve all of humanity’s problems, or transcend their programming to eat the Earth and reduce us all to grey goo. Either way, it’s pretty exciting. So many jobs done by humans nowadays would be far more efficient if we could just send in some tiny robots and have them to the job with their tiny, delicate, silicon fingers.

The people at the club mainly disagreed, because of course they did. I know that accusing someone of breaking rule #6- never be afraid of the possibilities of the future- is a dire accusation indeed. But sometimes…I wonder. Terry was all up in arms about how nanobots are going to put ordinary workmen out of their jobs. That’s Terry, though; his pride and joy is his ute, decked out with all these ute things like under tray draws and other stuff I don’t really understand.

Not that I don’t know how to work with tools, but most of my passions lie in the realm of robotics. Maybe one day, Terry will be happy to drive to fix a pipe, or lay down some concrete (I forget what his actual job is) and instead of lugging around a massive aluminium toolbox full of heavy, expensive equipment, he can just pull out a jar of nanobots and sprinkle them at the problem. That’s be his job. From handyman to bot sprinkler. Then he can go home at the end of the day and feel refreshed instead of weary, because the tiny robots did all the work.

And if you really like the old ways of toolboxes and ute under tray drawers, then they’ll persist for quite some time. Nanobots can’t do EVERYTHING. Like, laying concrete. The equipment is too heavy for their tiny limbs. They couldn’t even drive to the job and operate the under body boxes necessary. And of course, there will be plenty of Terrys…people afraid of the future. Traditionalists. But you didn’t hear that accusation from me.