My Big Break

Wow, gosh. The Hair-Olympics, and I’m on the team. Me!

One moment I’m walking past the windows of the hair salons open in David Jones, wishing I could one day be so skilled that I get a job cutting hair in the CBD. Such a prominent position, but probably not one for me. Always thought I’d end up moving to a tiny country town and giving bowl cuts, or whatever type of hair is popular in country towns. Then I saw that they were doing tryouts for the new Hairolympics, and I just HAD to go for it. I watched them all those years ago, in the back room on the tiny television (had to because all the family were watching people pole vault and jump into sandpits, all that). I was transfixed, watching the best hair stylists in the world, LIVE, create such majestic looks. That helicopter that won the gold settled it for me: that would be me one day, winning the gold medal. And then the games were discontinued. My dreams were crushed. My hopes shattered.

And now they’re back on, so that’s pretty awesome. Didn’t think I stood a chance, but Daria said that I should totally do it because she knew people from Melbourne hair salons who were trying out and she thought my merry-go-round style that I did for the school fete would blow them away. It IS pretty good, but still, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. You should never get your hopes up too high, because then if you fail, you don’t feel so bad.

But they want me!! All these other team members from a really prestigious, top rated hairdresser in Melbourne and even posher, and they want me and my skills on the international team! I still can’t quite bring myself to believe it, but this could really be the start of something fantastic. I’m off on the road to victory.