Toenail Fungus Shame

I have a foot condition that I’m really embarrassed about. I’ve had the condition for five years now, and due to my embarrassment, I’ve never gotten it seen to. I’ve worn socks every single day for five years, no matter where I am or what temperature it is. It could be 45 degrees and I could be sunbathing on the beach with my friends in my bikini, and I’d still wear socks. People would question it and call me weird all the time, but it would be better than them knowing the truth: that I have toenail fungus.

About a month ago I broke down and told my parents about my shameful secret, only to find out that everyone in my family has had it at some point in their lives. Both my parents reassured me that it would go away if I got it treated, and encouraged me to take the leap and show a professional my feet. Three weeks later I found the courage to book my appointment, and today I had my first appointment in Cheltenham. Podiatry, it turns out, isn’t all that scary.

Still, having hidden my feet from the world for so many years, the appointment was a very emotional one. It was hard for me to open up about the very thing I am most ashamed of, but with the support of the podiatrist, I was able to do it. He did the examination and offered me a number of solutions to fix the fungus, and he said that we could have regular appointments to make sure my recovery is on track. 

I am really appreciative of the additional support he’s giving me, which I assume is outside of the scope of their regular appointments. It just goes to show that he really cares about his job and strives for the best results, proving that my parents have sent me to the right place. I’m still embarrassed and I won’t be taking my socks off in public for a little while longer, but I feel like I am really making progress.