Our Vision

Berkley’s is a culinary passion project and adventure into the wilderness of life on earth. We aim to innovate the bar and grill experience to emphasise the real, raw and connected nature of the natural world that we, as human animals, source our food from.

We specialise in seasonal menus showcasing locally sourced, free-range and organic produce, including premium meats, sustainably fished seafood and plants and fungi direct from our onsite food forest.

Add a rotating selection of local and imported craft beers on tap, boutique gin distillery, and library of rare whiskies, and you have down-to-earth dining at its finest.

Our Philosophy

“Nature is red in tooth and claw.” So said the poet Tennyson back in 1850, and more timeless words were never spoken of life on earth.

Whatever we choose to eat to power our bodies, we must take the lifeforce of other organisms. At the very least, we interfere with the perpetuation of that lifeforce. This is at the heart of what fascinates us about food, and underlies our approach to everything we do at Berkley’s.

We believe that knowing the true story of your food’s source is not only the respectful way to eat and a path to better resource management, but also essential to being human. That’s why we can tell you the provenance of every ingredient on your plate or in your glass – ask your waiter, but be prepared for a hell of a story.

Our People

Berkley’s is the brainchild of chef Reuben Berkley (formerly of Madrigal, Deep Lounge), in collaboration with craft brewer and distiller Hank Archer-Murphy (Spidercat, Tonic Bloom, Dragon Hammer) and culinary horticulturist Mariacarla de Vries (H.E.R.B.).

We consult on an ongoing basis with biologist and conservationist Dr. Hugo Schillenfeld, and work with an ever-changing roster of local and international artists to create a fluid space for immersive dining experiences.