Moonlight Barrage – $35  

House-infused elderflower vodka, sweetened with vanilla and burnt butter. Smooth, flamboyant and just a bit too much.


Paranoid – $36 

A chaotic take on the classic sazerac, featuring rye whiskey, absinthe and locally crafted smoked peppercorn bitters. A mysterious, smoky flavour with pronounced spice notes.


Mountain Creature – $38 

Retox while you detox. Cold-pressed organic green vegetable juice, spirulina, chlorophyll and wheatgrass plus champagne, rimmed with house-made Sriracha celery salt.


Illegal Dance-Off – $42 

Nothing to see here… just premium mezcal, local honey and floral bitters, topped with a dark chocolate-covered, free-range bacon crisp.


Chill Swill – $44 

House-infused cucumber gin, cold-pressed local pear juice, and house-made coconut avocado ice cream, served in a coconut. Don’t waste time worrying – just drink this.