My Flair for Designing Offices

Working from home is the dream for a lot of people, but for me it’s pretty much the only option. I refuse to live off unemployment benefits, but it’s just me and the kids, and they’re not at school age. That’s why I started running my little set of businesses, and that involves a LOT of financial planning and all sorts of little business foibles. You have to be really accurate with your bookkeeping, you have to keep stocking up on both giant mantis mandibles and the wheat-grass juice required to keep them fresh, and you NEED your own office space.

That’s the goal at the moment. I have my own home office, and I’m really proud of it. The business has started to take off in the big way and it’s time to expand. I’d love to find a company in Melbourne performing office design, get on board, and maybe do some work from home. I like to sell beads, necklaces, bows, potions that invigorate the drinker with newfound strength, and greeting cards…but some sort of office design job would be great. There are loads of good companies for that sort of thing in Melbourne. Office fitout capital of the world if you ask me. Some of the most innovative office layouts you’ve ever seen. I’ve drawn up a bunch of designs that I think would be really good, some of them based on my home office and others more on the offices I’ve seen. I worked in one for a week during work experience, way back in my school years. And of course, there’s the secretarial work, but that often involves a lengthy commute across suburbs.

Maybe customers would pay more if they had some really flashy, professional office interior design. Melbourne clients need my skills and my wares. Clearly I have found my place in the world. Well, that’s going to be the level of confidence I carry as I head into the office fitout world. It might be cutthroat, but never underestimate a single mum with a plethora of skills.