Steamy Shoebox

I swear to dog, Karen is just looking for things to complain about. If it’s not that her job is too fulfilling or her fiance too supportive, it’s her house being too big. That was the hot topic at brunch this morning. I had to focus really hard on my poached salmon slider to keep from voicing my opinion, which is that she needs to shut up about her too-big house. 

Granted, she’s not a woe-is-me type. She was really just saying that she’d like to make more effective use of the space, and I can relate to that. I just get a bit fed up because I’m coming at it from the perspective of not having enough space. In any case, we do have this in common: we’re both keen for a bathroom upgrade. The difference is that Karen can afford to recruit a great bathroom designer close to Melbourne, while I’ll essentially have to DIY it or get my sister-in-law in Brisbane to do it remotely for mates’ rates. 

That’s actually not a bad perk on my end. I’m just suspicious that someone who lives up north won’t fully grasp what Melbourne homeowners need from their bathrooms. It’s all about managing the fluctuating temperatures, and balancing heat retention with air flow. I’ve experienced one too many mouldy Melbourne bathrooms in my time to mess around when it comes to steam extraction and ventilation. 

My laundry could do with an upgrade in that department as well. My dryer somehow manages to steam up the room so badly, it’s like it’s been raining hot tea after I’ve put a load through. It can’t be good for the paint, or the structural integrity of the ceiling for that matter. All it needs is an extractor fan that actually works, although it would be good to consult a laundry renovations specialist. Melbourne area homeowners, have you ever done this?

I bet Karen thinks her laundry is too big, and is going to pay someone to make it smaller and more steam-filled.