A Manly Ride

I’m having trouble selling my ute, which is starting to get annoying. I knew that my poor parking would come back to haunt me, and this is how. It’s pretty badly knocked up, because no matter how I try to park, I manage to stuff it up. I’ve hit poles, other cars, rubbish bins. Pretty much anything you can imagine, I’ve hit it with my car while trying to park. I suppose the fact that the car hasn’t had a log book service in years doesn’t help. People just don’t want and old and broken car, no matter how cheap I make it.

I’ve had a few people enquire about it, but they always pull out when they find out I don’t have a roadworthy certificate. Around Underwood, they aren’t hard to get, but I don’t want to pay for one until I know there’s a buyer. Otherwise, it could be money wasted. It’s a bit of a problem, since I need a certificate to sell the car, but I don’t want to get a certificate without knowing that I can sell the car.

I know that the issue isn’t the car’s colour. Who wouldn’t want a hot pink ute, with pictures of flowers on the side? It’s a man’s car, and yet all the people who have enquired have been women. I get it, hot pink and flowers isn’t manly at all, but that’s exactly why it is manly. It takes a true man to be comfortable no matter what, and ignore what the people around him think. When I got this vehicle as a birthday present, I was appalled. But I grew used to it. I’ve never felt better about myself, because I had to ignore the criticism around me. It’s a manly ride, no matter what other people tell you. It’s taught me more life lessons than television. I’ve never known a better car. You’d be a fool not to buy it, hot pink or not.