Super Car

My car lives a double life. By day, he’s just a regular Hold-On station wagon, driving around Melbourne, helping people with their daily routines. We do Goober together, taking people wherever they need to go. It’s a simple job, but a fulfilling one. But by night, my car is something else. Like a car from a spy movie, he turns on his boosters and releases his wings. Suddenly, he’s Super Car. We drive or fly throughout the city, stopping criminals and saving people in danger. Most people don’t know it, but Super Car is an essential part of keeping the city’s livability standards up.

Once, after an intense chase with some criminals, Super Car had to visit a mechanic near Malvern East. The damage was so bad that he was out of action for almost a week. In that time, Melbourne’s crime scene swelled, and the police were swamped with calls. Usually we’d deal with half of those, but with the city’s auto superhero out of action, there was nothing to be done. I suppose that’s why they created Super Car in the first place.

Finding the best auto repair in Malvern isn’t easy, especially for a superhero. Super Car could get repairs from his creators, but between us, he doesn’t quite trust them. Sometimes Super Car gets these flashbacks of being created in a factory with an army of other auto superheroes. He’s worried that if he goes back to them, he might get replaced. With a quick memory upload, I wouldn’t even know the difference if he did get swapped out. So we have to be careful.

Thankfully, there are mechanics around who know how to handle an auto superhero. It’s nothing like in those Transforming Robots movies. Super Car is a delicate machine that requires a great deal of care. If anything happened to him, this city wouldn’t last long, I fear. That’s why he gets the premium treatment.