The ANTO Alliance

We made camp on the night I discovered Australia’s Next Top Office was over. Although Archerak’s magic was gone, Space Wizard was able to use his laser vision to start a campfire. We desperately needed it, since Sweden gets particularly cold around this time of year. I’m talking about the Sweden in Melbourne, of course. The town that was artificially created just for the excellent office building competition.

“I’m going to miss it,” I said. “There would have been some awesome challenges ahead, I’m sure. And I really wanted to win Charity. Whatever that ended up being.”

Space Wizard closed his eyes and nodded. “I was particularly looking forward to helping you win the challenge for glass tinting. We would have used frosting glass and blown the rest of the competition away.”

“It’s a shame your evil clone destroyed this entire town,” Archerak said. “I had big, big plans. With a few more days they would have really started to take effect. Liquifying you was just the beginning of it. I had delayed fireballs ready to go off above the Dirge’s house. They would have ensured he dropped out of the competition entirely.”

“Where is the Dirge?” I asked, realising we’d seen no sign of the famous supervillain.

“I’m not sure,” Archerak answered. “Perhaps he escaped before it was too late. Didn’t he previously own an office tinting business around Melbourne? Maybe he’s gone back to that.”

“You really think he would give up being a supervillain? He’s known as the best around here. Maybe he’s hiding somewhere in Sweden, under a cave of rubble. There might be other survivors around. If we’re going to stop Evil Space Wizard, we’ll need as many allies as possible.”

Archerak shrugged. “I suppose that makes sense, although I’m not sure what help a washed-up movie star and a third-grade teacher can provide.”

What did you just call me?

Within a fraction of a second, three arrows thumped into the ground around us. Into the room stepped Ms Frankie, holding a longbow she seemed to have crafted herself out of raw materials.

“I’ll have you know, I used to teach the sixth grade, and that’s no walk in the park.”