Passing the Test

I can’t believe it is actually happening. I never thought I’d have another person actually make it all the way through my one thousand provisions, but Tommy is actually doing it. I might be able to make another contract after all. This is the greatest day of my life since I bound myself to the …

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The ANTO Alliance

We made camp on the night I discovered Australia’s Next Top Office was over. Although Archerak’s magic was gone, Space Wizard was able to use his laser vision to start a campfire. We desperately needed it, since Sweden gets particularly cold around this time of year. I’m talking about the Sweden in Melbourne, of course. …

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Windows Are…Windows

Onto the next experiment then: proving that all windows, and indeed all glass, is actually a portal to another dimension. I’m confident here, although I’ll need to access this dimension in some small way to prove my hypothesis. And this is going to require I speak to commercial glaziers in Melbourne, and that could go …

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