Windows Are…Windows

My experiment to prove that muffins are actually good for you has failed. Turns out that I- and everyone else in this world- must face the harsh truth: muffins are just cake, in a whimsical shape. In retrospect, this really shouldn’t have taken so long.

Onto the next experiment then: proving that all windows, and indeed all glass, is actually a portal to another dimension. I’m confident here, although I’ll need to access this dimension in some small way to prove my hypothesis. And this is going to require I speak to commercial glaziers in Melbourne, and that could go either way. They might be friendly and glad that I finally discovered their secret, or they might be friendly and trap me inside the glass dimension because i discovered their secret. I think all tradespeople I’ve seen thus far in Melbourne have been friendly, so I don’t think they’re going to turn out to be super aggressive or anything. We’ll have a nice chat about glazier work and see where it goes.

There’s always been something a little bit higher about a really well done piece of glass stair balustrading. Like, you look at it, and it’s just so terribly nice and chic. A little too nice…and a little too chic.

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and get the balustrading done. Quite apart from having a portal to another dimension and a test subject in my entrance hall, I’ve just always thought it looks good. I’ll scout around Melbourne for residential glaziers that suit my purpose, see what they have to say about glass balustrading…and then, I’ll see what they have to say.

And if this all fails, I’ll have some nice glass lining my stairs, and I guess I can move onto ‘coffee actually makes you sleepy, and the whole wakefulness thing was a global placebo’.