All or Nothing

It sure is a thrill-a-minute working with Sandrine. Every day is an adventure. Every meeting, a journey of self-discovery.

Well, it’s a journey of discovery at least. We’re plunging the depths of that woman’s madness more and more every day. At today’s meeting, she accused us all of letting down the conveyancing solicitors we had sworn to serve. Okay, first, Sandrine… no one has sworn any oaths. You made that up. And our numbers are actually looking good. The conveyancing firms who we have as clients seem pretty happy with the work we do, and we’re getting all kinds of great leads, so actually, the conveyancers seem to be doing pretty well, thank you kindly.

But Sandrine is convinced that our office is beholden to every single property market professional in all of Melbourne, and if we don’t have them as a client, then we’re failing them. Our services are just THAT good. Well, I think most of them are fine, Sandrine, and besides, we’re not a mega corporation. We can’t contact every single place in Melbourne that does property transfers and say we can 100% help them with their work. We don’t have the resources.

Sandrine came across like a military general, but I get the feeling that she was trying, in her own, twisted way, to give a motivational speech. Like, “We don’t have every single client possible? Well, go out there and get every single client possible! NOW!!”

Yeah, that’s not how business works. No one owns 100% of the market; otherwise the market shuts down. And besides, while we’re good at what we do, I’m sure that one conveyancing firm Carnegie area locals are so dependent on (according to Sandrine) will survive to knock out another Section 32 without us. At least, that is, until we become an actual mega corporation with 10,000 staff members. And Sandrine still won’t be satisfied. She has a fixation with making everyone and everything her property by contract. Maybe that’s why she wants all these solicitors on board so badly.