The Cool Queen

Canberra has a heatwave, and suddenly, Britney is everyone’s best friend. Oh, sure, everyone just forget that there’s a photo of her getting close with Shaun at the school social, and everyone KNEW Shaun was dating Stephanie at the time. Britney went public about Stephanie when she was caught with Kevin behind the bins and made a big fuss about how it wasn’t her fault, so she basically stabbed her friend in the back. Britney has amazing air conditioning, so she’s the most popular girl in school right now. Makes TOTAL sense.

The way Britney tells it, it’s like she has a direct connection to the best air conditioning Canberra businesses rely on. She not only gets the best service but her air con unit has the power to create instant winter. Yeah that’s a thing when you’ve got wealthy parents. Britney is seriously trying to make us believe that her air con is supercharged and has snow right there in her home. Slow down your lying machine Brit. This is the same girl who said that she was friends with that sports guy from Yugoslavia and he gave her ice skating tickets, and then I look it up and I don’t even think that’s a real place. At least, I’m pretty sure. But there was an ice skater and he played professional hockey so who knows the whole story.

Oh, and it’s all cold stuff with Britney. Her air con in the best, she’s best buds with a famous ice skater, and she probably thinks I forgot but I remember back in grade two when she was bragging for WEEKS about how her fridge has an ice-maker. That was exciting, back in grade two…I guess.

Now it’s all about the air conditioning. And when it’s winter, she’ll boast about getting the highest quality air con services. Canberra is far warmer than it should be this time of year. I know my parents can’t just afford to have the air con full blast all the time. But just you wait. Everyone will fly into Britney’s trap like mosquitoes to a bug zapper, because I guess no one has cooling in their homes? It’s just one big popularity contest!