Passing the Test

I can’t believe it is actually happening. I never thought I’d have another person actually make it all the way through my one thousand provisions, but Tommy is actually doing it. I might be able to make another contract after all. This is the greatest day of my life since I bound myself to the service of King Arthur back in the 12th century. He was willing to follow my provisions (although there were only seven hundred of them back then), and we made a great team. Nobody could stop us. That was until somebody stopped us, putting an end to Arthur’s reign as king. He was a mortal man, doomed to perish eventually. I, as an immortal wizard of window and door replacement, had to move on. Since then I’ve been searching for another man with the dedication and flawless patience of Arthur, with no luck. Until, perhaps, today.

I certainly expected Tommy to quit when he got up to provision eight hundred and twelve. Nobody has ever gotten past there. After all, it is an absurd and terrible requirement for us to listen to the entire discography of the band Penny Back together. Who would agree to that? The last person to get there desperately needed sash window replacement in the Melbourne area, and they needed it instantly. After several hours of reading, he decided that provision was the last straw and that he wasn’t that desperate for window repairs. So he got sent to jail for not repairing the damages he had recently caused.

But Tommy is truly desperate. He wants to get his old body back and is willing to do just about anything to get it. But there’s one obstacle in the way. This will determine whether it is possible for anyone to make it through my one thousand provisions. If Tommy fails this test, I’ll need to revise the provisions. But if he accepts it, then that’s proof that the system works, provided I am patient enough.

Let’s see how he goes with provision one thousand.

– Window Replacement Wizard