Hardware Kings Spying

It turns out that the Hardware Bandits are far worse than we had even imagined. I was pretty hesitant to go along with Eleanor’s crazy plan, but she insisted that it would work and everybody else agreed. I play the party’s legal advisor in our Hardware Shop Bonanza role-playing game, so naturally, I had to oppose, but nobody ever listens to me. I argued that it was a bad idea to fight our enemies with violence, as that would only make things worse, and that’s exactly what happened. The Hardware Bandits took it as an excuse to retaliate, burning down our hardware shop. In Cheltenham, the fantasy town where our shop was, people rely on us for hardware. Now we can’t help them, because we lost everything in this attack.

The worst part is that we can’t prove their involvement. Technically, it could have been anybody who destroyed our hardware shop. Obviously, we know it was the Hardware Bandits, but we can’t prove anything. So they’re going to get away with it. We need to come up with a legal but effective plan for revenge. If we start breaking laws, we’ll be no better than them. And yet the rest of the group is talking about how we should shoot fireballs at the opposing hardware store. That’s a terrible idea!

My plan is that we send Franklin into their store while wearing a disguise. He will have a small video camera on his hat and will ask the store owner if this is the best place to buy plumbing supplies around Cheltenham. Franklin will then have a nice conversation with the manager, landing himself a job at the store. Through Franklin, we’ll get some footage of the Hardware Bandits’ meetings, proving their corruption. Everyone will know how dodgy they are, and when we rebuild our hardware shop, they will be desperate to come back and be our customers. Perfectly legal, but effective nonetheless.

– Harry