Big Welding Brother

My brother Donny has always overshadowed me, even though he’s younger than I am. Somehow, I drew the literal short straw and ended up tiny, while he stands at over six feet tall. It’s totally not fair. I’m the older sister, but everyone assumes he is my older brother. He’s better at pretty much everything, too. Why ask Rey to do anything, when you can just get Donny to do it better? Well, not this time.

I recently started a new job, and they don’t know about my younger, bigger brother. I intend to keep it that way. I just hope that the boss doesn’t need any marine welding, because that is Donny’s favourite. If they find out that my brother is a professional when it comes to marine welding near Melbourne, nobody will ever see the need for me around here again.

I’ve been trying to make myself invaluable to the team, but unfortunately, I’m pretty lazy and not really good at anything. Maybe I should learn how to do some marine welding myself, so that if the boss comes around asking if anyone can fix his boat, I can offer to do it completely free of charge. I just need to get an understanding of how to install bow rails. Then I’ll be able to do it myself.

I guess I’m just paranoid because at my last job Donny helped everybody out with an audit, since he’s also an accountant. That was great, but unfortunately everybody liked Donny so much that I got fired and they hired him instead. It’s totally unfair. Just because I have nothing to offer and my brother has everything, I lose my job? Well, not this time.

Update: Great, my boss read this post and now he’s demanding that I get in contact with Donny, so that he can help with some welding issues around the place. Here we go again.