Big Welding Brother

My brother Donny has always overshadowed me, even though he’s younger than I am. Somehow, I drew the literal short straw and ended up tiny, while he stands at over six feet tall. It’s totally not fair. I’m the older sister, but everyone assumes he is my older brother. He’s better at pretty much everything, …

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Melbourne Loves Boats

I’ve been thinking about boating a lot lately. I know that seems like a random thing to have on my mind but I’ve always been fond of the water. If you need outboard motor repairs, Melbourne area locals, then you’re in the right place for that sort of thing. I only just moved here from up north …

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The Boat Matters

Ugh, so streaming service Neat-Flicks just HAD to go and make their own version of Dark Boat, and set it in Japan instead of the original Australia. “We just thought that the story would be more profound and reflect the cultural norms better in the place where it was originally conceived.” Well, they were wrong, …

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