We’ll All Be Boating Soon?

Anyone seen those new Aqua-Pods? Lawrence Corp just did a live demo and I managed to catch the stream on my lunch break. I try to keep up with the latest tech, but that company does make things a little difficult, given that they seem to come out with something completely new every single day. And it’s always some cool thing that you didn’t even know that you needed.

Anyway, the Aqua-Pod is a plastic bubble with a motor…and that’s mostly it. You sit in a chair, strap in and zip through the ocean with a basic joystick. The fuel only lasts a couple of hours, but it’s basically meant to be a more affordable way to get people enjoying the sea. Do I think it has a future? IMO, you can’t rule it out. It has a big old boat motor, so the companies that service outboard motors near Melbourne dock area should be pretty happy. There’s been a bit of a dip ever since the boat craze faded, so if people get into Aqua-Pods, then there’s going to be yet another sea trend. Anchor winches were another hot commodity during that time, so not too sure what’s going to happen with those. I assume the pods have some way of stopping in the middle of the sea rather than just bobbing at the mercy of the tides. Or maybe they don’t? Knowing Lawrence Corp, it’ll probably be some sort of proto-anchor-winch innovation that they haven’t yet unveiled. Like, an anchor winch that’s actually a laser. An anchor-winch with such a long and flexible cable that it can attach to the dock and stretch for miles. At least I can someone who can do professional anchor winch installation in Melbourne. They’re getting a ton of work, because the sea is just going to turn into a mess of tangled pods.

Nah, they won’t do that. My money is on it being lasers.