Maybe an Under-the-Sea Theme Next?

First it was the tinting, and it SEEMED like a good idea. I still maintain that it had a net benefit, since people were getting unforgivably distracted by what was happening outside. There’s a city square right below the office, and every day it seemed to be something else. A very proficient juggler booked the place on Monday, Tuesday was the all-day hip-hop group, Wednesday…oh right, it was that woman who did chalk murals, but gigantic ones that covered the whole square. It was mesmerising to watch her work for hours.

And yet I nearly forgot, because we’ve had the windows quite thoroughly tinted and you can’t really see much anymore, thank goodness. And thank the company doing professional commercial window tinting. Melbourne offices are much more productive when the light is properly filtered. Tinting helped us out immensely. Although I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with the NEXT problem. We really did order the tint to be quite strong, much more powerful than they recommended, but we were quite determined to block out the distractions. Now the office has been plunged into a time of eternal night, so to speak. It’s dark all the time, and we didn’t have much natural light to begin with, so we had to keep all the lights on full-blast for the whole day. It felt a lot like working a night shift, and very, very depressing.

So…we went for decorative glass. Colourful, decorative glass that coated the walls and put people in good spirits. Some of it is tropical, we have a small section of winter wonderland imagery, and then Judy came up with the idea of images of famous landmarks to make people think they were travelling places. The result is some of the best decorative windows Melbourne has to offer, and quite the nice display to perk up everyone’s spirits. I like the winter wonderland section especially…perhaps something for my future office. I just know that if this doesn’t work, we’re going to need even MORE special glass.