I Like My Chamber, Deal With It

They say that if you can’t stand the heat, then you better get out of the kitchen. What I’d add to that is that if you can’t stand the chamber, get out of the…house. Specifically, my house.

No, but really. EVERYONE has something to say about how I seem unsociable when they come to visit. Oh, it’s too weird! Well, you can all shut your mouth, because this is how I like it. I like to sit inside my oxygen chamber, and the walls aren’t that thick so you can talk to me just fine from outside there. I hunted around for the very best hyperbaric oxygen therapy available near Melbourne, all because I knew I’d be using it constantly. There is a limit to the amount of time I can spend there, and I stick to that. It just so happens the time I’m in there is usually when friends come to visit. 

It’s all down to what I’ve done in early life. All those marathons, all that improper breathing technique…well, something had to give. Circumstances might have forced me to mostly stay indoors, but I’m making the most of it by staying inside my portable oxygen therapy chamber and having a wonderful time breathing easy, even though I don’t really NEED to. Makes me feel like I’m back on those rolling hills, running forever, breathing in that sweet oxygen in my fittest prime. Of course, this is artificial oxygen…not quite the same thing. Though so long as it does the job and clears my lungs, I’m kept quite happy.

Not so my visitors, but who needs them anyway? I like having guests over well enough, and if they don’t like chatting to me inside the chamber, that’s their issue. Fine by me. It gets lonely, but i always take a good book in there. Keeps the companies in Melbourne who sell portable hyperbaric chambers happy as well, because I’m probably the best customer they’re EVER going to have.