From Kitchenette to Real Kitchen

Open-plan…open-plan just everywhere. And why not? It’s the big space-saving trend! Stick a kitchen in the corner of a room, slap down a few tiles and you’re golden. You have a kitchen/lounge without anyone in the estate agency business having to skimp on the description. But what if you’re on a bit of a budget, but you want a bit of space? You browse the home listings every single day and hope to strike gold. And of course, there will be about twenty-five other couples just like you who’ll strike gold at the same time, so you fight your way through them.

It’s probably really stupid hoping for the kitchen of my dreams at this stage. I should also stop watching The Great Australian Trade-Off, because last week’s episode about complete kitchen renovations was absolutely amazing, and I have so many ideas. Mostly, I want my kitchen to be based around baking. Both of us love to bake, and neither of us like to cook, so if it’s going to be our big married activity then we need the space. And a tiny kitchen with about thirty centimetres of free work-space just doesn’t work for baking. You need a ton of space, a dedicated kitchen space rather than just a few installations and cabinets stuck in one corner of the lounge. An extra sink would be great as well, and that’s also pretty much out within our budget as well.

I shouldn’t even be talking about this. Putting ideas in my own head. Though we do have a bit of time we can wait for the right place, and the separate kitchen room is something I’m willing to wait for. Just the thought of doing stuff in a ‘kitchen’ with a sink, cooker, and a tiny fraction of a work-space isn’t exactly appealing. And in twenty years? I’ll ask someone who has the skills to create the best designer kitchen Melbourne has ever seen. And it’ll be a marvel of modern kitchen design, geared towards baking.