Tiresome tyre trouble

Why are cars such a burden at times? I picked up my car from the mechanic just three days ago, only to be sending it back tomorrow. Early today I was driving and I must have run over some nails or something sharp that has pierced not only one but two of my wheels. I’ve never had a tyre puncture but somehow it has to happen within days of getting my car back. I’m crossing my fingers that this doesn’t mean I’m going to be car-less, again.

My mechanic is the most recommended Preston tyre repair mechanic so hopefully, he will be able to get the job done quickly. It’s funny before I drove off the other day he cracked a joke and said ‘hope to not see you soon’. I feel like he’s cursed me by saying this because lo and behold, he’s seeing me sooner than ever. No doubt he’ll be smiling on the inside as it means more commission for him. Maybe I’ll joke back and say that he set my tyres up for failure! Then again, it’s probably best that I say nothing as I don’t want to give him any ideas.

The upside of the mechanic already seeing my car only days ago is that it won’t need a car service. I just hope I’ll have the car back by Friday. I’ve been on four dates with this lovely lady and every day I’ve had to tell her that my car is still with the mechanic. Just the other day I was ranting and raving about how I’ll get my car back soon and we can go on a drive together. She made a joke saying that she was relieved to hear that I was getting my car back as she was starting to think that I was just pretending that I had a car. I really hope she doesn’t get put off when I tell her my car is with the mechanic… again.