Stronger Car Repairman

Welcome back everyone, I’m Moe Bile and I’m here today with Ty Re. Before we get to the start of the competition, how cool were those ads? They were so perfectly tailored to the competition. I really liked watching the mechanic who did the brake repair. Which ad was your favourite, Ty?

Oh, I liked all of them, Moe! It seems like every expert car mechanic in the Brighton area chose to advertise their business in that one ad break. And you know what? I’m all for it. I mean it makes sense that they’re advertising during the Travelling Car Competition. Our audience is obviously very interested in cars and car repairs. Why not advertise directly to your target market?

Okay, woah Ty. I was after your opinion on the best ad, I don’t want all your marketing jargon and neither does the audience.

Sorry Moe. Sometimes I slip back into my marketing degree, which for the people wondering at home, used to be my profession until I got into commentating. But enough about me, the competition is about to start! 

Oh I can hardly contain myself, Ty! Who do you think will be Brighton’s big winner? 

I think it would have to be Patrick. I mean, look at the muscles on him. I think he’d be the best at car repairs. Near Brighton there don’t seem to be too many contenders. I mean, only five people qualified for today’s competition, down from fifteen people last year.

You think Patrick, really? Surely Mitch is the standout. He’s six foot six and built like a truck. He looks like he could be bigger than the actual truck we’ve got lined up for the next state’s contestants. I’m putting all my money on him.

We’re not allowed to bet on the competition, Moe! Surely you know that? Anyway, the competition is about to start. We’ll reflect on how it went at the end.