Stay Cool in Business

Connections are key in business, so they say. Thus, if our latest advanced suit technology didn’t really take off last year, it’s an acceptable loss because we forged all kinds of important business connections…of business.

Maybe our strategy needs a rethink. We were so focused on making promises of great things that we didn’t think to start at the very beginning. Maybe instead of offering massive suits, we should instead offer the amazing amenities therein, one by one. Humans are still in desperate need of cup-holders. We shall provide that service, seamlessly woven into ordinary clothing. And I know for a fact that there are already talented people working on the air conditioning. Repair technicians in Melbourne are some of the people with whom we’ve been discussing. Makes sense, since they have some of the best air con around and that was going to be a big component of our suits. And now, people are proposing technology-enhanced everyday clothing that keeps you cool. With cooling technology. *Cool*.

I mean, if you think about it, that’s basically an advanced movement suit. It’s not a hulking chunk of imposing metal and pure, unbridled power, but it IS wearable tech, and that’s where it’s at right now. These suits don’t have to be massive. Maybe it was us who were aiming for the wrong thing. Instead, these advanced movement suits will be cool, almost invisible innovations that help you out without taking up too much space, or any space at all. Mankind’s eternal problem from the dawn of time has been that you can’t take air conditioning with you once you leave the house. Well, now you can. You can have air conditioning repairs at home in Melbourne, but then you can walk the streets of Melbourne – or anywhere, really – and you can be cool. Maybe that’s the true essence of a high tech movement suit. Simplicity, convenience…innovation. Hey, that’s not a bad slogan.