Dark Forest is Best Forest

I’m starting to miss the thick, dark forests of Transylvania. The people of Australia can hardly comprehend, given that their country is so vast and covered in deserts. They have forests, of course, but of a very different kind. The trees are spaced so that they allow light, giving the whole place a much friendlier feel.

My home is covered in forests that strike fear into the hearts of brawny men, so dark and close that you can be inside them in the middle of the day and feel like it’s night.

So, that’s what we’re going for in our new castle-mansion. The grounds have a few copses of trees, but ironically, we’re going to have to have a few of them lopped. I’ll have to see about the tree removal. Melbourne contacts of mine should be quite forthcoming, seeing that I’ve been to multiple evening functions at their homes and they all seem to have manicured grounds, trees pruned to perfection and the grass so well-trimmed that you’d think it was cut with nail scissors. I’m sure there will be someone among them with some wonderful contacts, and I need the best because I’ll be getting rid of gum-trees. I know! I’m so taken with Australia, and that includes the flora and fauna. But it simply isn’t the look we’re going for, and there’s a miniature forest on our grounds that needs to be removed. Once the gum-trees are gone, we’ll look into some far more Romanian trees, and I certainly hope they’ll take to the soil. It’ll have to be a bit of trial and error, and after that, hoping that companies that do tree pruning near Melbourne suburbs know how to prune things of a distinctly foreign nature. I’m thinking some Noir Pine Trees…the ones that thoroughly obscure ANY deeds performed beneath their thick branches. Yes…sounds perfect…

-I.M. Payler Alucard