Smart Homes, I Think Not

The thing that really disturbs me about smart technology is the thought of people hacking into it, and doing evil things. That sounds a bit vague but that’s only because I haven’t looked over my notes from the conference.

Oh yes, I went to a conference yesterday entitled ‘The Future: Why We Should Be Deathly Afraid of Technology’. I’m not as clued into tech as my peers because of my parents being tent folks who didn’t really trust it, so I ended up being a bit behind when I finally decided to enter the real world. Now I’m in an office, even using a computer every day as part of my work, and it’s going well. Mostly. I still fear hacking, because in the one movie that I’ve seen, someone used hacking to make a plane explode.

I know Melbourne has a booming property scene. In Melbourne, property advocates and real estate agents exist to help you find a place to live- that is, a real home and not in a tent, one that has walls and all that- and that’s still a strange concept to me. People who help you find homes? How very strange to someone who’s just been living in a tent for their whole life, and the same tent as well. Tent folks don’t move around! The idea is that we’re born and we die in the same tent. But still, property advocates do indeed exist, making the world a better place by helping people to…find homes, I suppose? Homes are very large, but some people have poor eyesight, I suppose. Perhaps the consequence of living in those four restricting walls.

Anyway, this isn’t a slight against estate agents or any of that. I certainly mean no disrespect to the fine folks who help people find homes with walls, because I currently live in one, and it’s nice. But someday, buyers advocates may face the quandary of finding high-end homes when the homes themselves are turning against people in horrific ways. We should just get rid of artificial intelligence altogether, to be honest. Also, walls. They’re alright, but nothing makes a home quite like a bit of fabric.