Exciting Bathroom Renovations

The designers presented the bathroom designs to us this morning. The designs are absolutely perfect! It’s like they took everything that we said on the site meetup extremely seriously, and then really went away to conceptualise a space that would be practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing. I’m absolutely over the moon.

My parents, who are paying for the whole thing, were also very happy. They said they had no changes or problems with the layout and gave the renovators and designers the go-ahead to commence the bathroom renovations. Close to Melbourne in the suburbs surrounding the CBD, renovators are really busy. We actually got so lucky that we contacted these designers and renovators the day that a project ended. Their next scheduled project isn’t for another month, and so they said they could get it all done before their next project commences. How awesome!

Now that we’ve approved the design, their incredible team are going to buy all the fixtures and fittings and then come back. They estimate that within the next three weeks we will have a completely new bathroom. I honestly can’t wait. 

I know I’m greedy, but I wonder if once we have our new bathroom, my parents would be open to getting bathroom laundry renovations. In the Melbourne area, it’s very popular to have a laundry that is also a powder room. That way there’s a spare toilet for guests away from our private bathrooms. My family have personally never had one because we don’t really have spare funds to do renovations whenever we want, but now that we’re already getting a renovation done, maybe we can chuck another one in afterwards for good measure. 

I might wait a little longer before bringing this up with my parents. Hopefully, once they see how incredible our brand new bathroom is, they’re overcome with the love of the renovation process and are keen to do some more renovations.