It’s cold

I absolutely hate winter. I hate it with such a passion. I find it really restricting when it comes to being able to enjoy life, I can’t go out and I can’t have fun. Frankly, when it’s wintertime it means life is going to suck for about three to four months. I become a horrible person to be around when it’s winter. It’s not something I am proud of, but it’s true. My family all say that I walk around the house like a total grump. Particularly the week we get our annual ducted heating service. Canberra is a cold place and it’s cold every single year. I don’t know why my parents are insistent on waiting until winter to get the heater serviced. Surely, they would know by now that once winter comes, the heating system needs to be serviced. You think I sound like a grump in this particular blog article? You should honestly see me during the servicing week while the heater is out of action. Without even realising I’m pacing and stomping around the house.

I really wish I lived elsewhere, to be honest. Somewhere hotter. Somewhere there is a beach and blue skies. I hate wind and I hate rain. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be moving from this city anytime soon. At least not until I finish university. Once I graduate the whole world will be in my hands and I can visit all the warm places in the world. I want to go to Greece, Italy, Spain, and Mexico. In all honesty, I just want to go somewhere that is hot. I’m just lucky that my parents use the best heating repairs around Canberra to fix our heating system. Whenever they fix our heater, it honestly sizzles. I could walk around my house in shorts and a t-shirt and still feel warm. It’s an amazing feeling. I’d honestly rather be sweating and boiling than freezing. I know it’s odd, but hey, that’s me.