It’s cold

I absolutely hate winter. I hate it with such a passion. I find it really restricting when it comes to being able to enjoy life, I can’t go out and I can’t have fun. Frankly, when it’s wintertime it means life is going to suck for about three to four months. I become a horrible …

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Now It’s Personal

Some people really love to make a fuss! You tell one tiny little white lie, and next thing you know they’re demanding your head on a stake. I’ll admit that it’s marginally unethical to tell the whole office you’ve got a medical condition that you don’t technically have, but sometimes the ends justify the means, …

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Beautiful Heating Prose

Meg so hot, Hot, hot Meg Meg so hot She fry an egg. Um, excuse me while I squee. See, it’s all thematically linked. Bradley made his fortune doing ducted gas heating repairs in Melbourne, and even now that he’s moved onto managing multiple businesses, you could still say that he’s remembered as a ducted …

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