Finally, a Place for Intense Spinning Shenanigans

I don’t want to be, like…snooty, or anything. Still, I do really think that Pro Fidget Spinning is a little bit above most of its competitors. When I say that, I mean all the fringe sports waiting to gain mainstream acceptance. None of them really cater to a mass demographic like we do, they don’t strike the balance between movement and non-movement…I just really think we have a wider appeal, which is why you need to get onto and contribute to our campaign to find a proper venue to play games of Pro Fidget Spinner. There are basketball courts, swimming pools, football fields…but no dedicated space for Pro Spinners. We have our eye on a warehouse, and we’re looking for conveyancers in the Carlton area who can help us with the moving. As it turns out, buying a whole building and then renovating it for a specific purpose isn’t done with a snap of the fingers. We just need some extra funding (by which I mean a LOT of extra funding) so we can buy the building, contact and gain the services of these conveyancers, get planning permission, hire some workmen to convert it into the perfect Pro Spinning arena, and then kit it out with sporting supplies. We need, like…a couple of million at most. How much do conveyancers cost? I actually don’t know.

We’re all sports people, not property experts, which is why we need YOUR help. I mean, we definitely need it if you’re an expert in conveyancing and settlement. or if you can do large-scale renovations on the cheap, or you know a thrifty place for pads and other sporting equipment. Otherwise, you can contribute to our campaign, and together, we can purchase and create the Pro Fidget Spinning arena of our dreams. THEN we’ll be on the radar!