Finally, Proper Needling Practice

So Over-Botch just introduced a new Looking For Employee system…and it’s about time. The one thing the game had been missing since launch, and it’s one of the simplest principles of finding work in real life. Before, you had to go around to every single place and apply right there in the establishment, which made it a real pain if the business was online. Now you can actually go to job boards and apply, or post ads if you own a business.

It’s how I got my job right now, actually. I dunno what’s wrong with me…I mean, I don’t have Parkinsons or anything, but my hands just aren’t steady. I travelled all the way to attend a dry needling course close to Melbourne, and I really wanted to make that my main thing. I’ve never been good at anything, and I wanted something hip and up-and-coming to say that I did at parties. Like, people would ask me what I did, and I’d say that I’m a dry needling professional, and everyone would be all impressed because it’s something they hadn’t heard of before, and they’d ask me to explain and I’d be the most interesting person in the room for five minutes.

Unfortunately, life had other plans, because I just can’t hold my hands steady. They shake, especially when I’m trying to hold them still, so I turned out to be pretty bad at needling in general.

That’s where Over-Botch came in. They have aim-assist, so I can take up a job dry needling with them no problems (plus there aren’t as many repercussions if you get it wrong).

I’m hoping that if I work this job for a while, I’ll get enough confidence to do an actual trigger point dry needling course in real life, and not suck at it this time. Ah the joys of being a part time physiotherapist.  See, that’s what video games are doing to society. Making people respectful and productive, as well as skilled.