Florist content

I’ve been a florist for the last twelve years and am planning to take my knowledge to the internet! My whole life I’ve had an interest in flowers. I started working in a florist part time when I was in my teens. Before I knew it they’d wanted me onboard full-time! Unfortunately after three years of working at this florist, the business had come to some struggle. People weren’t coming to us as frequently as they used to. It was as if no one wanted to buy flowers anymore. I guess this might have been the result of more and more people opting for fake flowers as they don’t die. 

To help combat this I thought we needed to start opening up our offerings a bit more. We’d never really sold many personalised, or ‘order-to-make’ bouquets before. People would come in, grab a bouquet they like, and be on their way. In my spare time I arranged for a website to be made where people could put together the flowers they want, and then I would make these bouquets for them to pick up. I also experimented with creating bouquets out of fake flowers. Before we knew it, sales started to pick up again. 

There came a time when the owners decided to sell the florist. I’d already spent multiple years here, establishing great ideas, there was no way I was going to leave. I bought the shop and found a video production company to hire. Melbourne has a few florists, but I wanted to do something that would make us stand out. I started creating videos of me making various bouquets, and showing the process. This really helped us increase our presence online. More people became invested with my shop, and so many people were subscribing to my videos.

Next, I found a 2D animation company to help me make ads. I use these ads to retarget people who have already subscribed to my channel. This then converts those customers into actual customers. This method has proven successful and I’m keen to find more ways to utilise video!