Ongoing care

As a thirty-five year old who has lived with a disability his whole life, I understand the challenges. To make my life easier, I am receiving ongoing support from a great team of carers who assist me in managing my condition, while giving me the freedom to still maintain my independence each day.

In the past, I’ve struggled to find the right support services that met my needs. I often felt like I was just another number on a list, and that my individual needs weren’t being taken into account. That all changed when I discovered a recommended community nursing support service in Adelaide who had been helping people just like me for the last decade. I remember not wanting to waste any time, and quickly grabbing the phone to contact them and learn more about their services. They put me in touch with a support coordinator whose role was to help me navigate the complicated world of disability. She was great at explaining the ins and outs of the funding and services available to disabled people.

Gaining access to NDIS support coordination has helped me become aware of my entitlements. For many years, I knew I was entitled to something but I had no idea where to start. My support coordinator helped me understand the options available to me and identify the services that best met my needs.

Thanks to community nursing, and the wider support from the NDIS, I now receive comprehensive assistance personalised to my needs. I no longer feel like I’m going day-to-day feeling alone while managing my condition. I now have people I can go to who are always prepared to support me and answer any questions I have. It also helps that they understand my condition and my needs, so they always know the best ways to put me at ease when I’m feeling beaten down by my disability. If there’s anyone else who can relate to the feeling of defeat that is associated with disability, then I highly recommend you contact the NDIS.