Kitchen Makes Home

Looks like Sandrine’s scarred for life again. We all told her, straight up in our first meeting, that she shouldn’t be back at work. It might have come across as being brutally honest, but it needed to be said. Last time we saw her she was having a nervous breakdown and saying that our competitors were trying to burn down the building. Which is…well, it’s not true, at all. Hasn’t happened while she was recovering, at least. And we’ve gotten so much done without her buzzing over our shoulders and sending texts and emails at unearthly hours.

Just last week, Deborah said there was enough in the budget to hire a really well-rated Melbourne company that does bathroom design, to give our two bathrooms a nice touch-up. The situation in there was quite grim, but we had a meeting on the designs and we were all really happy with the results. First thing Sandrine did when she got back? She called the companies and cancelled, because it was ‘a waste of resources and ‘the bathrooms were fine!’

They’re not fine, Sandrine. We know YOU know that’s true because you have to use them just like we do. She just wants to feel like she’s reasserting control over everything, and one of the best ways to do that is getting rid of all the progress we’ve made in the last couple of months. It’s Sandrine’s way, or it’s no way at all; everything back to normal, then. We’d also had thoughts of contacting a kitchen renovation company to do something about that room, which is looking pretty old and worn, but I don’t think that’s happening now either. Great, fine, whatever. We don’t need things that’ll improve the office and raise productivity overall. No, it’s all about the figures and the numbers and never mind if we’re all suffering. Thanks, Sandrine! Great to have you back! Even though you’re clearly not ready to face the world.