Sewers Still Exist

Alright, so we still have sewers. Also, telephone poles.

I know! Who even knew we still had those things?? I just kinda assumed that people had found ways to get rid of them for good, thus accelerating mankind into a new and glorious age, but they’re still here. the sewer thing was reasonable enough, because you can’t see it, but I only realised that telephone poles existed when someone pointed them out. Like, wow. They’ve always been there. In the era of bluetooth and wireless internet…these things are still taking up space. Their days are numbered, for sure.

Drains and sewers I guess I can understand a little bit more, because that’s a physical thing. We’ll always need companies in Melbourne that do drain unblocking and clearing because we still need water, which means we need drains. And if we have drains, that means there are idiots who’ll put things down them that don’t belong there. Or children, to be fair. I used to just dump everything down the drain when I was a kid, thinking it all gets washed away to a magical land where no one has to deal with it. Actually, it wasn’t until we needed such severe drain repair that we had to move in with Uncle Frederick for a few days that I learned- the hard way- that drains aren’t meant for food.

Still, it’s 2018. Why have we not reached the point where all drains are equipped with high-speed spinning blades that chop everything into soup as soon as they pass through? I guess kids would stick their hands in there, or…again, idiots. I do wonder if they’re making any headway into this, though. Next time I come into contact with a Melbourne drain and sewer repair company, I’ll ask them how those helicopter blade innovations are coming. Or if someone has found a way to transfer waste in a way that isn’t sewers.