Smart Car Potential

Can’t wait for the next twenty years to pass, because then everyone is going to have a smart car, and my hacking skills are going to come in extremely handy. Feels like I’m caught in an unfortunate fringe period of history right now: early enough to become a master hacker, but TOO early to rule the world via everything having smart technology installed. Right now I can impress my friends by hacking people’s fridges, if they’re the affluent sort who have smart fridges, and sometimes I steal millions from foreign bank accounts if I’m bored, but smart cars are what I’m waiting for.

You know, the cars that can basically drive themselves to get repairs. Like, say you need an auto service in the Malvern area but you work in Sunshine, and you just don’t have time to both get home, make dinner AND take the car in for a service. No problem in the tech-savvy world of 2030, when you can get home (after having the car drive you, of course) and just tell it where to go for a check-up. Still not sure whether the mechanics and auto repair garages will be automated, although my current guess is half and half. Everything will be automated to some degree…even hacking.

And with all these terribly clever vehicles comes the potential for me to hack them, with my hacking mastery. I don’t really have any particular reason, mind you…I just like the thought of there being a whole new playground of technology to explore with my amazing hacking. Although just to be clear, I’m not a monster. I wouldn’t mess with people’s cars, so I trust the local garage to do a proper auto repair in Hawthorn. I might just sneak into the car’s systems and replace their horn with some sort of shameful ringtone, or turn their headlights pink. Just normal hacker stuff, you know? Nothing…lasting.