Worse Job, Better Garden

The popular online game ‘Over-Botch’ is supposed to be for jobs, but honestly, I’m more interested in the home option. Which is weird, yeah, I have a job on there as an assistant mechanic, and it doesn’t pay all that way, sure. I don’t actually enjoy it that much. My boss is a jerk, and some people find it weird that I play an online game that basically simulates the average work experience. But that’s not the point, not to me. I just want to finish up my virtual job so I can go to my virtual house and do virtual home things. I might only be an assistant mechanic, but I have a really nice home. Because I actually put some effort into it.

Fortunately, Over-Botch has a robust garden supplies business going on, so I can go online and purchase daffodil varieties for my garden. We’re coming into virtual spring, so the garden is going to look awesome once we get some virtual rain showers. All my virtual spring flowering bulbs are going to sprout, and everyone is going to see it on their way to their virtual jobs.

That’s the thing about this game: people don’t put much effort into their home life, because it’s supposed to all be about the job. It’s the job simulator; why do you need to worry with planting flower bulbs and trimming the lawn? But I just like to be well-rounded, and as a result, my home looks better than everyone else’s. No biggie.

The way I figure it, people are going to be asking for tips at some point. I can then make a smooth transition from going to work every day to sustain my gardening and home design habit, to the point where I can take those things and make them my main job. I’ll be the only garden consultant in all of Over-Botch. Need to know where there are standard roses to pick up, or how to grow hyacinths in winter? I’m your guy.