Spreading Auto Repairs

I do love a good festival. Just celebrating other cultures, right here in the country of immigrants…feels so right. I’m sitting in the café right now watching it all happen in the square: the Festival of Light. Honestly, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen twenty people doing a ribbon dance in perfect sync, except their ribbons are lined with tiny LED lights that make it look like they’re swirling little lightning bolts around themselves.

Folk music is super cool as well. A heavy beat like rap songs, but there’s a more subtle sound to it as well. I dunno, cultures are fun.

My old mechanic used to be from my home country…I guess he still is. He would always talk about this amazing auto electrical garage in Bentleigh. He was constantly talking about cars back where he used to live. Apparently they’re still pretty popular over there, but there’s a big push-back over the idea of having them in country towns and villages. People just don’t like the idea of that level of modernity invading the way they’ve always done things. He actually left his village after a tourist showed him pictures of a classic car and he had a burning desire to know everything about them, so he became a black sheep for a while.

Suppose it’d be like leaving an Australian country farming town to go and work in a big corporation, except the corporation is anti-farming and wants to give all land to the government.

I don’t know, I just made that up, but he had to cut ties with his family to follow his passion. And follow his passion he did, since he became a mechanic and all. Maybe next time I go to Bentleigh for a car service I should ask if anyone knows how to contact my old friend. Maybe he’s gone back to his home country to spread the good news of cars and mechanics actually being pretty impressive after all.