Ute Tray Analysis

From the depths of the far-flung cosmos, Earth’s technology has always held a certain allure. It is often the little things that catch our attention, the things that Earthlings use in their everyday life that seem, to us, so strangely remarkable. And on a routine scanning mission around their blue planet, we stumbled upon something …

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Questionable Content

Alright, now Her-Bla is just blatantly mocking my way of life, and I won’t have it in my home. I won’t say Marley is obsessed with it, but she seems to like it okay. It’s aimed at six-year-old girls, I guess. If there are bright colours and girls saying ‘YEAH, GIRL POWER, BOYS ARE FOOLS!’ …

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Windows and Doors

Windows…we have no need of them here. Back in Urusai Castle, we had no windows, only stone openings that were impenetrable. Of course, we had no doors either, not in the western sense. Much has changed since we moved here, despite our efforts to transform this space into the glorious headquarters we once had. As …

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