Windows and Doors

Windows…we have no need of them here. Back in Urusai Castle, we had no windows, only stone openings that were impenetrable. Of course, we had no doors either, not in the western sense. Much has changed since we moved here, despite our efforts to transform this space into the glorious headquarters we once had. As one of our wise sages once said, “The past is like a lemon. Delicious when squeezed, and good for throwing into the faces and eyes of your enemies, but after squeezing? Good for nothing. Throw it on the compost heap!”

Despite that being one of the most famous phrases of my old Sensei, I don’t really know what it means. Now the younger members of the clan want aluminium door replacement, and I’m at my wit’s end. Aluminium doors? Why do we need those, when we have sliding doors made of paper? I know paper doors aren’t quite as secure, but…it’s the way things have always been. We caved on the issue of windows, because this is Melbourne, and the weather is so very unpredictable. So now we have some lovely sash windows, and I will admit that they’re nice to look at. Plus when we go on assignments, we can open them and leap out to keep everyone guessing. Can’t always be using the front door, after all. But doors? Actual doors with hinges, that don’t slide and are made of a sturdy material? Ones with multiple locks and security screens? Yikes.

Alright, I’m staring to see the appeal. It would be nice to have some proper privacy. Currently a sneeze will echo throughout the house and into every room. Not great when my cousin has allergies and is sneezing all night. I wonder if the same companies that do window replacements in Melbourne also do aluminium doors? It might not fit our aesthetic, but if it means we can stop guarding the front door all night and just lock it instead, then I’d be happy with those results.