Kids Have Superpowers

Isn’t it amazing what kids can do to entertain themselves with the most basic bits and bobs? A random stick from the footpath can become a magic relic that transforms its bearer into a wizard, while a cheap, characterless stuffed toy can turn into a wise friend who offers countless hours of enchanting interaction. Of …

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Dark Forest is Best Forest

I’m starting to miss the thick, dark forests of Transylvania. The people of Australia can hardly comprehend, given that their country is so vast and covered in deserts. They have forests, of course, but of a very different kind. The trees are spaced so that they allow light, giving the whole place a much friendlier …

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Smart Homes, I Think Not

The thing that really disturbs me about smart technology is the thought of people hacking into it, and doing evil things. That sounds a bit vague but that’s only because I haven’t looked over my notes from the conference. Oh yes, I went to a conference yesterday entitled ‘The Future: Why We Should Be Deathly …

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